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These recording were made on September 13, 1986 on a Boombox and an extremely cheap all in one record player/cassette/8-track stereo.

Note: This was the extremely cheap way to multi-track. Clay would play the drum parts on a few kelly moore paint buckets, green laundry hamper, and beer keg and I played through his frankenstien amp configuration (A Peavey Decade slaved into an old Peavey bass head into an old Sears Silvertone 6X10 cabinet and a carvin 4X12 cabinet). After recording the rhythm tracks to the boombox, we then put the cassette into the second stereo and played it back loud enough so Clay and I could sing/scream our vocal parts into the boombox again which now had a new tape in it.

Album Title: The Boombox Sessions
Recorded: 1986 on Boombox
Nope Label: None
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