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After the Song "Go Joe" was added to a compilation CD, "Bands Only A Mutha Could Love" in 1988 the band was approached by the producer Richard Riegler to record a real "Vinyl" record on his new label Mephisto Records. Instead of recording new material, the band decided to re-record a handful of tracks from the first two albums with their then new drummer Tim. This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sonoma Sound Studios in 1988. The band then sent off the artwork and 1/4 inch master mix tapes to Richard and they never heard from him again. Well, the band did here from him once when Clay called his home phone and a crackling, frail voice answered "hello". Clay then asked if the was the same Richard Riegler that worked with Abnormal Growth. After a brief pause, the voice said "oh I'm so sorry..." and then hung up. Clay still doesn't know if it was a wrong number or a dying man's apology. This album was never released...until now.
Album Title: Best Of
Recorded:1989 Label: Not released
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2 Yuppie Blues MP3 | Lyrics
3 ABC’s (Opus 24 Suite 6) MP3 | Lyrics
4 Ozark Mountain Man MP3 | Lyrics
5 Hyperactive MP3 | Lyrics
6 Hey Babe MP3 | Lyrics
7 Peter The Beater MP3 | Lyrics
8 The Ballad Of Liam MP3 | Lyrics
9 The Plague/The Commune MP3 | Lyrics
10 S.O.T MP3 | Lyrics
11 American Man MP3 | Lyrics
12 Go Joe MP3 | Lyrics
13 Snorgasm MP3 | Lyrics
14 Thank God I Is A Christian MP3 | Lyrics
15 Satan Lives In Steve’s ... MP3 | Lyrics
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